10 online marketing techniques

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Want to sell online? What the hell should you pay attention to increase your sales? The following are 10 online marketing techniques you should consider:
  1. Return to your prospective customer, that you are so enthusiastic about the product and your business. If you are enthusiastic they will be enthusiastic. One proof of seriousness is to make the web with their own domain, not ride on a free site providers, such as this blog is still free domain ..mm!!
  2. Apply via E-mail marketing is personal. But do not do spam. In the E-mails must be clear what you are selling, a bonus that is given, price discounts, and ordering deadlines and other important matters. Advertising also can be done through the forum.
  3. Online business relies on trust. Give your customers a sense of security. Give the refund guarantee, or give discounts, bonuses, solutions to problems that might occur and where they should complain.
  4. Create such a way that satisfied customers for your business. That way they will tell this to the other peer to peer business that will increase your sales. If necessary, give them something interesting gift, or the like if you invite colleagues to buy the product.
  5. Extra confidence that they will order from you again. Use a good reference for those persons who have become your customers, so they could see anyone who has become your customer.
  6. Create an option on your web so that visitors can register to receive E-books, software, or something free that can exchange with their E-mail address. Psychologically, though they could afford it, consumers would rather get something for free.
  7. Do not forget the principle 80-20 rule, meaning that 80% of the content of your site must contain information or anything like that in general for the visitors, and the remaining 20% or less contains your company profile and product or service that you marketed.
  8. Strive customers who buy something leave testimonials. Testimonials can be a tool to sell to another buyer.
  9. Write an article that is the information (not to be ad) on the web.
  10. Show on your prospective customers that its field experts, because it can increase their confidence towards you.
Good try 10 online marketing techniques!

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