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 ACCESSORIES CROSS OPERATING SYSTEM, Of course cell phone Accessories from a single vendor is not designed to be able to work on mobile phones from other vendors. This does not apply to bluetooth at sony ericsson. There is an application that can outsmart the windows phone for hours willing to work with Sony Ericsson bluetooth out. His name is M. smart watch
Until recently, these types of hours of bluetooth sony ericsson MBW-100, Sony Ericsson MBW-150, Sony Ericsson MBW-200, abacus caller id watch, Citizen i: virt (W71), LM technologies. LM957 / LM958 9bluetooth sports / classic), LM Technologies LM959 (bluetooth vibrating bracelet), LM tecnologies bracelet Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980, and prada link (LBA-T950) can be handled by the smart watch M.
While mobile phones are known to support the smart watch is: HTC vox (S710), HTC wings (S730), HTC Rose (S740), Qtek 8310WM5, Qtek 8500, i-mate SP5, HTC Excalibur (S620), Tmobile dash, samsung blackjack II (i617), HTC Kaiser, HTC TyTN, Samsung i780, HTC HTC universal uni, E-ten X800, HTC Touch, HTC mogul PPC -6800 (Sprint), HTC Artemis / P3300 (T-Mobile MDA compact III), dopod 838 pro, gene HTC P3400, Samsung i900 OMNIA, sony ericsson XI, HTC touch HD and palm treo pro.
This free application you can download it from http://www.smarttmadsoft. Com / downloads. Html, and then installed into the phone. But rather complicated installation. Here are the steps:
  1. Turn on bluetooth via the "menu> Bluetooth> On / Off".
  2. Select the type of connection by selecting the menu "Settings> Device and select the SE MBW-xx0 (direct).''
  3. Turn on the clock synchronization facilities.
  4.  Am looking for bluetooth in the smart application watch M by selecting the menu "settings> device setup> dis cofer and pair'', and wait until the connection is formed.
  5.  Select''menu> start (connect) ".
  6. If ye see a message''waiting for connection. Press a button the watch'', just press any key on your Bluetooth clock. PDA connection to the clock would be directly formed.
For phones that are not in complete Microsoft Bluetooth Stack:
  1. Perform steps 2 dab 3.
  2. Open the Bluetooth Manager on your PDA and do the pairing through the application.
  3. Use the Bluetooth Manager as incoming / Inbound COM port or check the port number that will be used.
  4. Set the COM port via the menu "Settings> Device Setup> Register Selected COM port" on the application Smart Watch M.
  5. Restar phone.
  6. Run the application again Smart Watch M and press the Star.
  7. If you see a message: Waiting for connection.Press a button on the watch ", just press any key on your Bluetooth clock. Phone connection to the clock will immediately formed.

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