Block Ads And Flash In Firefox Browser

Posted by Five Tuber

Not only connections that can be tweaked, you also have to click the " vehicle " which they use to explore the virtual world , which in this case is a browser .
Here are some steps you can take to block ads and flash animations in Firefox browser.
Firefox has add on to block ads and flash animation, here are the steps step.
  • Run Firefox, click Tools → Add-on.
  • Select Add-Ons get, then type the Adblock. As soon appear Adblock plus and click Add To Firefox.
  • In the window that appears click "Install Now".
  • Then find another add-on called Flashblock, install the same way.
  • Once both are installed, restart Firefox. After the restart setting will appear Adblock plus. Select one filter, then click Add Subscription.
  • To Flashblock he does not need any setting because by itself will block Flash animation

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