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In Indonesia the internet with fast internet connections are still in dreamily. Not that does not exist, but the price is still beyond the usual circles.
It's been a lot of ISPs who had advertised its product by claiming connections in the offer could reach 3.1 Mbs, only at a cost of less than Rp.200. but remember the connection was also accompanied by appendage appendage "Up To", which means not necessarily the speed of 3.1 Mbps can be achieved at any time.
Of course we should not give up so easily on these circumstances. Because is not necessarily a slow Internet connection is purely the fault of the ISP, there could be settings on our computer that has not been optimized so that it can interfere with connections that we are taking.
Calculate the speed of your Internet connection
For results that can count on, you should use a test tool that provides a local server. If not a local server, the result will be disrupted, because the test must go through long distances. Also when running the test, lest any other applications that require internet also on the run, such as instant messenger, anti-virus, and others. If you can do the tests at the time that is not a peak traffic such as the middle of the night to do the test.
There are several free services that can be used to determine speed internet connection we use,
Internet connection speed test
Internet connection speed test
  1.  run the browser and open click the Settings menu, in the Preferred servers select the city closest to your position, and then click save.
  2. After drawing the map appears and displays the location of a server near you click Begin Test.
  3. And see the test results that appear, such as test results that the download speed of 1.51 Mb / s and Upload a 0.27 Mb / s.

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