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looking for a song in thousands of music collection would not be easy. Muffin music finder can help you manage MP3s and create playlists from songs in tune. This software uses the engine from the Institute Fraunhoter as a "digital fingerprint" of each song to take over management of a collection of songs. Identification is done based on the similarity of rhythm, speed, and the instruments are in use. For further use (after 7 days), you need to register on the website to get the activation code Magix (on send via e-mail).
There are a few tips to run this software:
  • Highlight a song in the list and click on "Find Similar Tracks" to create a playlist.
  • Song song in the playlist you can burn to CD or copied to a portable player.
  • When to copy songs to portable players, muffins using standard MP3 format (128bit) as its output, for output or a better format (if supported by the player), replace the muffin encoder configuration via the "File | Options | portable players | format settings ". Completed.
  • To obtain this software, please just visit
Good luck Tracking Software Smart Song

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