New AdSense Interface Rolled Out Across the World

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Google has launched a new interface for AdSense across the more than 200 nations where the service is available.
New AdSense Interface Rolled Out Across the World The changes have been designed to make AdSense easier to use and to give online publishers more control over the commercials that appear on their sites.
Jonathan Bellack, director of product management at Google AdSense, said that in addition to being more efficient, the new interface will also offer users greater insight into how campaigns are performing.
"We've built in simple, graphical reporting and more options for you to easily slice and dice your data, so you can see at a glance what ads are working and which are not," he stated.
Earlier this year, Google rolled out the beta launch of AdSense for Mobile Applications.
This tool allows developers to earn money by displaying image and text ads on their Android and iPhone applications to take advantage of the growing use of the mobile internet by consumers.


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